Procedure before/during the placement of an Au-Pair:

  • After the host family has made contact with me they get a questionnaire, which they must then fill out completely and send back. I can then start looking for the Au-Pair that fits with the family according to the correspondence/ ideas the host family gave me. The family can also choose an Au-Pair here (Gallery).
  • Once the family has received the necessary information and chosen their future Au-pair, my agency recommends contact between the family and the Au-Pair to get a better impression.
  • If the chemistry is correct, there will be an Au-Pair contract between the host, the Au-Pair and the agency because every side has rights and obligations. If this shouldn't be the case, the host family gets a new arrangement or suggestion as quickly as possible.
  • As soon as the Au-Pair contract is signed and the application fee paid, the family receives an model invitation letter from me which the Au-pair needs for her/his application for the required Au-Pair visa. This letter must contain the complete address of the family and of the Au-Pair, the duration of the stay, a description of the job, the maximum working hours, the amount of the pocket money, the type of accommodation and the positive answer of a health insurance and a third party insurance for the Au-Pair.
  • The embassy will check if the Au-Pair has basic knowledge of the German language and will contact the German authorities.
  • The family will receive some documents from their employment office (Arbeitsamt) or the Immigration Authority (Ausländeramt). The completed documents must then be send back to the respective authority.
  • The host family gets the address and phone number of their Au-Pair and the possibility of getting familiar with each other.
  • After the au-Pair has entered the country she must be registered by the family at the employment office (Arbeitsamt) and municipal registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt).
  • In case of problems, difficulties, uncertainties or communication difficulties, I will be the contact and try to solve the problem!



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