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An Au-Pair is a young person between 18 and 25 years who becomes a temporary member of your family. Usually, it's a young girl (90 percent of the time), but more and more often, young men are taking the opportunity to improve their language skills and get acquainted with a new culture.

In exchange for free board and lodge, a private room and pocket money in Germany of 260 € per month, the Au-Pair will take care of your children and help with light housework including vacuum cleaning, dusting, preparing the table for meal times and emptying the dishwasher. The costs for flight and language courses are usually paid for by the Au-Pair.


Which families can become host families?

Families with at least 1 child younger than 18 may be host families. Single parents may host an Au-Pair as well. One parent must have the German nationality. In exceptional cases a family with no German nationals among the parents may be a host family if German is mainly spoken within the family. Families with 4 or more children may host 2 Au-Pairs at the same time.

We also offer:

  • Consulting the host family regarding the prerequisites of Au-Pair´s stay.
  • The arrangement of an Au-Pair for the host family (with contracting party abroad).
  • Support with the official formalities with German authorities at home and abroad.
  • Support/advice for the host family and Au-Pair during her/his stay.
  • Provision of all the relevant Au-Pair information after conclusion of the arranged contract and translation activities, if necessary.
  • Completion of the necessary contracts, applications and invitations regarding the visa application.
  • Information where to find Au-Pair insurance companies.
  • Support with the formality of the necessary authority correspondences and the attainment of the visa approval.
  • Support and advising the Au-Pair until arrival at the host family.
  • Guidance and support for both the host family and Au-Pair during the duration of the Au-Pair´s stay with the host family.
  • an emergency phone number and a contact person if problems arise.

What can the family expect of the Au-Pair?

Child care/house work:
30 hour of help with child care and house work per week, including 1-2 evenings of babysitting

Attention: No ironing of complicated clothes, no spring cleaning. Cooking and washing should only be children-related. The washing of the family's underwear is not the task of an Au-Pair as well as the cleaning of the toilet unless it is exclusively used by the Au-Pair.

Travel costs:

The Au-Pair must bear the travel costs herself/himself. Please make no advance payments. If you as a host family want to bear a part of the costs, please do this after a successful stay of the Au-Pair of at least 50% of the stipulated time.

Obligations for the host family:

The following duties arise from the guidelines of the federal agency for work and common experience.
The host family is obliged to observe the valid regulations, laws and contracts (e.g. guidelines of the Federal Employment Agency, obligation explanation to the guest families, Au-Pair contract). The agency puts corresponding leaflets, documents and information to both parties disposal (here).
The host family has read the information of the Federal Employment Agency and commits itself to act accordingly.

Among others thing, this includes:

  • Integration of the Au-Pair into the family with free board and lodging (room with lock and key for the privacy of the Au-Pair).
  • Au-Pair medical insurance, incl. legal liability cover. The agency only points out different possibilities to the host family. Remark: The host family is liable for any damages to persons and things (or a special third-party liability insurance is bought for Au-Pairs).
  • Flexible weekly working hours from max. 30 hours
  • Monthly pocket-money of € 260.00.
  • Possibility to visit of a language school and possibility for the Au-Pair to practice his/her religion.
  • Provision of monthly or season ticket for the public short-distance transport or the defrayal for this.
  • 4 weeks granting paid vacation at a length of a stay of 12 months.
  • In addition, the Au-Pair benefits of a proportionate monthly vacation of 2 days /month, including at least one Sunday.
  • Immediate registration for the Au-Pair at the necessary authorities (registration office, foreigner authority and employment office). The host family carries the costs arising from this.


All essential changes, moves, cancellations, visa prolongations or paraphrases have to be immediately notified in writing to the agency.



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