Service Fees

Once-off costs:

The commission fee / handling charge (total of 450.00 Euro) is due, as soon as the guest's family and the Au-Pair have signed a contract. For an Au-Pair stay of less than 10 months we calculate 225.00 Euro (handling fee) plus 20.00 Euro commission fee for each month the Au-Pair stay in the family. For the mediation documents, for guest's family which has searched itself an Au-Pair, we calculate a handling fee of 225.00 Euros. For 'Umvermittlungen', loyalty discounts and own recruitments of the guest's families other, prices individually to be arranged can be agreed. Host parents who obtained an Au-Pair through our agency within the last 24 months get a 20% discount on the next placement.

  • Blackboards (An Au-Pair changing families while still holding a valid visa)
  • 380,- Euro with more than 9 months remaining
  • 300,- Euro with 9 to 7 months remaining
  • 260,- Euro with less than 7 months remaining
  • 200,- Euro for own placement

Recurring costs:

As a family, you must expect the following approximate monthly costs:

a) compensation for the Au-Pair: 260.00 €
b) health insurance: approx. 30.00 €
c) ... and the Au-Pair lives and eats with you



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