Do you need help in the household or support with your children?
Then an Au-Pair is exactly what you need.
We can help you find a suitable person.

Allow yourself a little help with the many daily tasks by taking an Au-Pair into your family. Since an Au-Pair gets only pocket-money and in the future, one will be able to claim the costs for child care as tax deductions, the financial outlay is low. At the same time, you give a young person the possibility of improving her linguistic proficiency and getting to know another culture.


Our Service:

An Au-Pair placement is a confidential matter and presupposes an intensive advice and good support service.
I would like to offer a comprehensive service around the topic of Au-Pairing. Young people across the whole world get the possibility of living, for a particular time in a foreign country. With a well-chosen Au-Pair, families get the necessary support for their children and the possibility of concentrating a little more on other matters.

While living with a foreign family, Au-Pairs improve and deepen their linguistic proficiency, complementing language lessons which they may take at a language school in that country. The Au-Pair gets the opportunity to be exposed to daily life in a German family as well as learn another language and experience German culture.

I, however, won't only keep in touch over the phone and Internet: personal visits with the partners abroad, the host families and the Au-Pairs are important to me.
"Support" is just not only a word for me! Depending on the arrangement with the families, I will also pick up the Au-Pair at the airport/ train station and take them to the families.

We would like to be at the same time a friendly, informal and professional agency. It is our aim to work closely together with other agencies in Germany and abroad, which work according to the same quality standards and principles. Therefore, we guarantee the same service even in case of illness or vacation through other agencies.

We look forward to finding a suitable Au-Pair for you!

About us:

After my different experiences with hosting Au-Pairs and dealing with Au-Pair agencies in the past I was motivated to open my own agency.

It is also very important today that young children get exposed to other cultures and familiarize themselves with them and learn to have a good relationship with them.

Through my 2 mother tongues (English and Afrikaans) as well as my 3rd "main language" – German – I am myself in a position to satisfy the prerequisites required for good communication between host families and interested Au-Pairs. Since I´ve been living in Germany for many years, I can prepare the German host families and accompany/advise the Au-Pairs during their stay. Due to my own experiences in different countries, I can help them integrate well.

Only when I am sure that the host families really are able to integrate a young person, accept her/him with all their strengths and weaknesses and only if all prerequisites are correct, only then will I arrange a contact between them.

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